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Rock Balancing

Harold R.

Project Manager

Kiel has been a great resource in helping me develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want great advice on making better food choices, Kiel can help you too! - 1990 (New Jersey)

Mary Lieser.png

Mary Lieser

Health Enthusiast

I love the health informational graphics on wellness and fitness Kiel post.

They are informative and easy to understand! - 2021 (Minnesota)


Kimberly C.


The information that Kiel shares is very useful as well as educational. You are very knowledgeable Kiel, regarding the guidance on nutritional information. - 1998 (New Jersey)

richard sia.png

Richard Sia


Over the years I've enjoyed discussing various health and wellness tips with Kiel. It is his true passion to share health information with everyone! -2009 (New Jersey)

Pumpkin Soup

Cheron M,

Customer Service Industry

"Kiel helped me lose 51 lbs and I kept it off!" - 2009 (New Jersey)

janet c.png

Janet Caruso

Project Manager

Kiel has supported me in my quest for wellness and overall health and I truly value his input! - 2015 (New Jersey)


Angilene Shaw

Head Chef  - Twisted Isle, LLC

Greetings Kiel, I found your post on iron very helpful and informative. I have severe anemia and have been trying to find ways to boost my hemoglobin (iron) with natural food sources, instead of having to repeat iron infusions and blood transfers. For years I did not know that iron is a vital source that was needed for us to function. Now that I know better, I will do better! Thank you so much for that information on the importance of iron in the human body and how I can naturally obtain it! Blessings to you! - 2007 (Florida)


Stephanie Keep


For many years I have so appreciated the nutritional information Kiel shares for those seeking to improve their health! - 1990 (Pennsylvania)


Cynthia Parker

First Responder

I've known Kiel for years and appreciate the nutritional knowledge and

expertise he shares with me and others. - 2009 (Missouri)


Daniel Olscvary

Teacher, Author

I've known Kiel as a go-to source for health, fitness & wellness tips for years now. It makes me happy to see him share his extensive knowledge with the world! He is truly "Here to Health U!" - 1999 (New Jersey)


Andrene Williams

CEO of  Unique Blend Models

Kiel Thoms is extremely knowledgeable. I was so intrigued that I will be working with him to

get my body on track. - 2020 (New York)

samantha vox.png

Samantha Vox

Management Consultant

Although I live in Australia I have been following Kiel Thoms’ nutritional advice for over 12 months and he has helped me to maintain a healthy lifestyle with his advice. Kiel is insightful, caring and extremely knowledgeable. He’s always up to date with the latest research and helps me understand the reasoning behind food choices. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for his advice!!! - 2020 (Sidney, Australia)


James J. Brown

Fall To Rise Podcast Host

"Kiel Thoms is one of the best holistic nutritionist with whom I have ever worked. I have known Kiel for over 10 years, and his commitment to health through diet and lifestyle change is unmatched. I had the privilege of having Kiel as a guest on the Fall To Rise Podcast and his knowledgeable approach to health and nutrition made that one of the most viewed episodes to date. I am still contacted by people that talk about how Kiel's diet recommendations have changed their lives. If you are looking to lead a healthier life, I can think of no one better to help you with your journey." - 2007 (New Jersey)


L.M. Lindsey Cheshire


I'd like to thank Kiel for all the wonderful information he has freely supplied on his website and fb pages in an effort to help others. I for one really appreciate his effort and help. Suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions has made me realize how much nutrition is important and I have learned lots from Kiel. Thank you so much. - 2021 (United Kingdom)


Loena B. Rogers

Founder/Owner of The Egg-cellent Breakfast Company

I find Kiel’s passion and expertise for health, wellness and nutrition to be inspiring and his perspective helpful as well as refreshing. It gives me great hope to know that he’s on a mission to save more lives by educating on the importance of consuming real food.

Nutrition Detective, Loena B. Rogers Founder/Owner, of The Egg-cellent Breakfast Company. Helping parents transform their child’s unhealthy eating habits with real support and food wisdom, - 2020 (California)


Michael Ivery

Owner of EG Media Professionals 

I've known Kiel for about 7 years now and recently he has shared a few health tips with me. He is very knowledgeable and definitely "HERE TO HEALTH U!!!" Thank you for the great advice and education on healthy foods and supplements. -2021 (Charlotte, NC)

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